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"Our Aim: To Provide a Platform for Advancing Computer Science Knowledge and Research Excellence. Covering a Diverse Range of Computer Science Topics, from Artificial Intelligence to Cybersecurity and Software Engineering. Fostering Originality and Creativity in Research Contributions from both Academia and Industry Professionals. Welcoming Cross-Collaboration and Interactions between Computer Science and Related Disciplines. Embracing a Wide Geographical Reach to Incorporate Research from Various Cultural and Technological Contexts. Implementing Rigorous Review Processes to Ensure the Publication of High-Quality, Peer-Reviewed Research. Committed to Making Research Discoverable and Accessible to the Global Community, Driving the Advancement of Computer Science for All."

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"Our Mission: Advancing Knowledge and Inspiring Innovation in the Field of Computer Science. Empowering Researchers to Publish High-Quality Work and Contribute to the Global Scientific Community. Creating a Platform that Encourages Networking, Idea Exchange, and Cross-Disciplinary Engagement. Nurturing the Next Generation of Computer Science Researchers and Encouraging their Intellectual Growth. Enabling Breakthroughs by Disseminating and Amplifying the Impact of Pioneering Research" Providing a Global Stage for Researchers to Showcase their Work and Gain Recognition in the Academic Landscape. Enabling the Transformation of Computer Science through the Dissemination of Innovative and Transformative Research"

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